Thank you for your interest in Growing Human(kind)ness! We're glad to meet you here.

Growing Human(kind)ness is here to nurture deeper connection and compassion in your inner and outer worlds. Here's how you can stay in touch or reach out:

To contact us by email:
Please send an email to

To contact us by postal mail:
Growing human(kind)ness LLC

5900 Balcones Dr. Suite 8007

Austin, TX 78731

To reach us by phone:
You can reach us at +1 888-297-7076.

As we're a small company, kindly give us 1 to 2 business days to respond to emails and phone calls.

About requests for support, coaching, counseling:
If you're struggling with trauma, an eating disorder, or another health issue and are needing support, we appreciate how vulnerable you may be feeling. We want you to get all the support you need to thrive!

Unfortunately, we don't offer 1 on 1 support, therapy, or counseling, and we're not licensed counselors or health professionals. Please seek help from a support group, medical professional, or counselor. This kind of help can make all the difference when you're struggling, and we want you to thrive and be well cared for.

Connecting with Karly:
I feel so grateful for every story, note, and word that you send my way. And I feel sad I'm not able to personally respond to each of your stories! Please know they are held in esteem, respect, and safe keeping, even as I'm not able to respond in writing.