If you're wanting to talk to your classmates about the lesson for the day then you can go to the Activity Feed and create a post. Karly will also be creating posts in the Activity Feed prompting discussion about the course materials, so if you don't want to create one of your own you can wait for her to make a post and reply to it.

There are also Topics that you can view in the Topics section. You can also create a post in the Activity Feed and select the topic it belongs to if applicable by clicking "Add Topic".

The Topics:

1. Here's where you can introduce yourself. You can also get to know your classmates.

2. Folks often create art to go along with the daily lessons. Here's where you can share your art.

3. Here's where you can share a victory, something you'd like to notice, affirm or celebrate. Noticing, breathing with, and pausing to honor and pay attention to your victories helps seed new pathways of growth. It's an important way to counter the emotional brain when it gets hijacked by a belief of, "Nothing's changing!"

4. And here's where you can ask questions for our Q&A webinars.

If you post in the topics, it will also show up in the activity feed. The activity feed is a bit like an activity feed in Facebook. It shows all the posts of the group.

The topics are places where you can go to share or read about a specific topic. It's more filtered than the activity feed.