You will absolutely love our products and services from Five Oceans Press. However, you’re fully protected by a 100% money-back return policy.

Here's how it works...

First 30 Days

We offer a 100% refund if within 30 days of purchase. If you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 30 days after purchase, simply click here to send email.

If you prefer postal or telephone options, click here.

Please include which product you are requesting a refund and include the same email you used to purchase that product as well as your best current contact information.

You will get your money back. That’s a firm promise and commitment.

After 30 Days

If a refund is requested 30 days after purchase, a refund will be issued upon receipt of your returning all materials shipped to you. You can return these at your own expense by first class postal mail. Send your returned materials to:
Five Oceans Press
PO Box 358
Livingston, Montana 59047 USA

Include information identifying the name of the product purchased and the amount paid, the email address you used to make your purchase, as well as best current contact information.

Help us improve
To serve you and others better in the future, we request (but do not require) that you tell us why you want a refund. We want satisfied customers. What would have delighted you? What did you expect that you did not receive? Please tell us.

You can be confident in our guarantee of your satisfaction. We respect your willingness to try our products and trust us to deliver. But please remember that asking for a refund but continuing to use products purchased from us is the same thing as stealing and may also violate applicable intellectual property rights law.

This refund policy was last updated on January 8, 2016