The Emerge audios are released day by day, available to be listened to and read in the member's area website. You can visit the website and click the listen button from within your web browser. They are also linked to in the daily emails you receive from Karly for the duration of this course.

To get audios on your mobile device, smartphone, iPod, etc., there are a couple options. But both options start with you creating a Playlist in your audio software (like iTunes).

Option 1:  Download the single audio file from that day and save to your desktop. Then drag that audio .mp3 file into your playlist.

Option 2:  Download a .zip archive of all audio files in the course, in one large file. Save this to your desktop or downloads folder, and then double click to open the file. Then you'll see a folder of all the .mp3 files included in the course. You can then drag these files into your Playlist. Save the Playlist with a name like 'Emerge audios' and you're ready to go.